Transform your bathrooms and kitchens into unique spaces with the WALL PRO waterproof system


Elevate your kitchen and bathroom experience with the WALL PRO waterproof system. This remarkable waterproof system shields your wallpaper from chemicals, ensuring it remains scratch, impact, and UV-resistant, as well as easy to scrub. This makes WALL PRO waterproof system ideal for moisture-prone areas like showers and toilets. The coating is available in an elegant matte finish (PRO-501) as well as a subtle glossy finish (PRO-502).

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Applying the WALL PRO Waterproof System


Applying the WALL PRO Waterproof System is a straightforward process. Here's a brief overview of how it's done:


  • * You can apply the waterproof coating using a roller, brush, or spray equipment. However, make sure to wait for at least 48 hours before doing so. This waiting period allows the wallpaper to dry properly.


Important Note: All of our wallpaper is certified for effective compatibility with the WALL PRO Waterproof System. If you opt for wallpaper with an eco-texture (textured wallpaper), it is crucial to treat the wallpaper beforehand with the WALL PRO PRO-601 Waterproof System Primer. This primer creates a smooth surface that enables proper adhesion of the coating. For more details about the WALL PRO PRO-601 Waterproof System Primer, click here.


  • * Apply the coating in two thin, even layers. Allow 12 hours to pass after applying the first layer before proceeding with the application of the next one.

* To ensure that your wall becomes entirely waterproof, it's essential to seal all the edges with an acrylic sealant. After 5 days, the coating will have fully dried, allowing you to expose the wallpaper to water.


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