self-adhesive eco-leather tiles hexagon dark brown - 357263

self-adhesive eco-leather tiles hexagon dark brown - 357263

1 m²
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Product description

Elevate your interior with our Luca Vellucci hexagon wall tiles in dark brown. These beautiful eco-leather wall tiles are all unique, allowing you to create stunning walls with a lot of character. Enhanced with rich textures and warm, soothing colours the Luca Vellucci leather tiles will add an extremely luxurious and sophisticated atmosphere to your interior. In addition to stylish walls, the Luca Vellucci leather tile also provides improved acoustics.

1 Pack contains 19 tiles of 25 x 25 cm, with which you can cover approx. 1 m² of wall.

The Luca Vellucci wall tile is made of 70% recycled leather with a top coat of polyester. Recycled leather is a composite of shredded leather collected from the manufacturing of leather products; material that would ordinarily go to waste. These remnants are ground and mixed with polyester, creating a new, very strong and durable type of leather.

The Luca Vellucci eco-leather wall tiles have a self-adhesive layer, which makes them easy to apply. Allow the leather to acclimatize for at least 24 hours to prevent deformation of the leather after applying it to the wall. Prepare your walls, make sure that they are smooth and free from any dirt and grease. Remove the foil from the back, so that the adhesive layer is released and apply the tile. For optimal adhesion, we recommend you to pre-treat your walls with a primer.

If you want to apply the Luca Vellucci eco-leather tiles to a fireplace, it is important that the fireplace is well insulated and does not get hot. The draught in your chimney also determines whether the leather tiles can adhere well to a fireplace. Only apply the eco-leather tiles to a well-draining fireplace where the heat does not circle around the fireplace. The adhesive layer of the Luca Vellucci eco-leather wall tiles has limited heat resistance.

This wallpaper is perfect for decorating a living room, bedroom or study.

You can find this wallpaper with hexagon in dark brown (357263) the collection Luca Vellucci.

Product specifications

38 cm
70% recycled leather 30% polyester
very good resistance to light
1 m²

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