New wallpaper collection Wunderkammer

“An exclusive wallpaper collection of eclectic treasures”


The interior becomes an adventure for the senses, a theatre where vintage finds collector’s items and characteristic souvenirs from all over the world telling the story of its owner. No mass market products but a collection of original, carefully chosen authentic items that are displayed in a cabinet of curiosities, a unique Wunderkammer.

Wunderkammer, the new wallcovering collection from Origin – luxury wallcoverings, takes its name from the gathering and displaying of individually selected worldly objects. Each design has its own special story which ensures a rich and imposing assortment of eclectic wall decorations that, either separately or combined, ensure elegant and distinctive “couture walls”.

The designs of Wunderkammer vary from aesthetic flower paintings and handcrafted engravings to contemporary graphic designs and exotic jungle prints. Colours range from chic rusty brown and luxurious emerald green to natural earth tones. This, together with rich contrasts make a superb range of wallcoverings filled with style, character and worldly allure.

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Wallpaper Painting exhibition
Wallpaper graphic gold
Wallpaper palm leaves


Some remarkable designs featured:

Coffee culture
Inspired by the social event of drinking coffee, this abstract design shows an oil painting of a terrace in Rome. The ecotexture contributes to the hand-painted effect which gives the non-woven wallpaper an even more handcrafted appearance.

Painting exhibition
This surface printed non-woven wallcovering featuring a collection of paintings is a real statement piece for the interior. The various works of art consisting of portraits, still life and graphic designs are hand-painted which complements the wallpaper with extra personality.

Metallic coins
This unique wallcovering is inspired by an authentic artisanal wall of coins. The design is printed on a sleek silk printed wallpaper for an extra luxurious appearance.

Royal Suzani
Named after an embroidered and decorative traditional textile made in central Asia, Royal Suzani features a graceful and ethnic floral design. The stylish flowers are displayed in a square which gives the wallcovering a dazzling tile effect.

Wallpaper birds
Wallpaper roses
Wallpaper Coffee culture

Heavy quality suitable for professional applications

All references in the Wunderkammer collection have a high quality non-woven base which ensures ease of use. The wallcoverings meet high standards with regard to washability, light-fastness and fire retardancy. These properties ensure that the collection is suitable for use in hotels, restaurants, offices and other high traffic areas.

Product information

Wunderkammer references are sold as a standard sized roll (53cm x 10.05m). For more information about Wunderkammer and all other collections of Origin - luxury wallcoverings, please visit or send an e-mail to

Wunderkammer wallpaper samples

In order to decide whether the wallpapers from Wunderkammer match your requirements we recommend you to order a wallpaper sample. Visit the Origin sample service for more information.