New wallpaper collection Identity

“Invite the unspoilt beauty of nature into your residence”


Identity, the new wallcovering collection from Origin – luxury wallcoverings, embraces the simplicity and majesty of nature.  It superbly highlights the pure beauty of natural imperfections as these give character and identity to an environment.  By incorporating authentic organic elements into stylish wallpaper designs, the collection helps to create a soothing, balanced and impressive interior.

Reflecting its earthy surroundings, Identity offers splendid wallpaper designs that reconstruct the genuine look and feel of natural materials.  Patterns vary from sophisticated stone and wood structures to bold leaves and graceful feathers and from natural bamboo stems to imposing marble motifs.  All designs stimulate the sense of touch and give the interior a universal and timeless appeal with a quiet sophistication.

The breathtakingly beautiful designs of Identity are enhanced by an elegant colour palette, from luxury emerald green and bright turquoise to warm chestnut brown and soft tin grey.  A comprehensive range of neutral ivory whites and chic beige hues complement the collection with more delicate tones.   

Click here to browse through the online pattern book of dentity.

Textured wallpaper green
Chic wallpaper leaves
Wallpaper marble


Enriched with a tactile eco-texture

The Identity range of wallcoverings is produced on an environmental friendly non-woven backing enriched with a pure and tactile eco texture.  This tangible surface texture reinforces the natural look and feel of the designs. Several items are combined with an attractive surface printed coating and others comprise an enchanting silk-printed finish.  These shiny, silk-printed nuances add extra allure to various wallcoverings of Identity. 

Heavy quality suitable for professional applications

All references in the Identity collection have a high quality non-woven base which ensures ease of use.  The wallcoverings meet high standards with regard to washability, light-fastness and fire retardancy.  These properties ensure that the collection is suitable for use in hotels, restaurants, offices and other high traffic areas.


Wallpaper leaves elegant brown
Luxury wallpaper feathers
Wallpaper linen texture

Product information

Identity references are sold as a standard sized roll (53cm x 10.05m). For more information about Identity and all other collections of Origin - luxury wallcoverings, please discover all collections on our website or send an e-mail to


Identity wallpaper samples

In order to decide whether the wallpapers from Wunderkammer match your requirements we recommend you to order a wallpaper sample. Visit the Origin sample service for more information.