Measuring walls


Measuring your wall is easier than you think. All you need are the dimensions of the widest and tallest part of your wall. Read the explanation below for more information.

How should I measure my wall?

Using a tape measure, measure the widest and tallest part of your wall. Note the dimensions in centimetres. We only need wall dimensions, so excluding baseboards or mouldings.



Walls are not always straight, especially in old houses. That is why we advise you to add an extra 5 cm to the height and width of your wall. You can easily cut away excess wallpaper with a sharp utility knife and wallpaper spatula.


Wallpapering more than 1 wall
If you are going to wallpaper several walls, measure them one by one and add up the widths later. You only have to place one order and not enter the measurements for each wall separately. See the example below.



The final dimensions that you enter in the calculator are thus one time the tallest point of the 3 walls together and one time the width of the 3 walls added together.

Slanted walls

Does your wall have slanted sides? No problem. Just enter the widest and tallest point of your wall. You will always receive the photo wallpaper as a rectangle. The excess can be cut away.



Windows and doors in your wall

Even if there is a door, window or another obstacle in your wall, you only measure the total width and height of your wall. You cut these obstacles out of the photo wallpaper while applying the wallpaper.



How will I receive the photo wallpaper?

As mentioned above, you will always receive the photo wallpaper in a rectangular shape. Cut away the excess wallpaper. The wallpaper is of course pre-cut into strips for easy application. The strips are 50 cm wide as standard.