Origin & sustainability


Sustainable business

Origin – luxury wallcoverings cares for a better environment and is dedicated to doing business in a responsible, sustainable way. The use of FSC-certified paper, solvent-free inks, efficient colour production and a responsible way of waste management shows Origin's commitment for realizing a better world.


FSC-certified paper

For the production of Origin - luxury wallcoverings wallpapers only FSC-certified paper from well-managed and sustainable forestry is used. By using environmentally friendly wallpaper from sustainable forestry, Origin - luxury wallcoverings contributes to the protection of global forests and to a healthy environment for humans and animals.


Solvent-free inks

In addition to using FSC paper, Origin - luxury wallcoverings also makes use of only environmentally friendly, solvent-free inks. These water-based inks comply with the colour fastness criteria of the relevant European standards but are free of harmful substances.



Efficient colour production

Origin - luxury wallcoverings has acquired a modern ink mixing system. This system provides an accurate and efficient colour production which reduces the amount of ink- and paint waste dramatically. In addition, colour recipes but also remains are automatically stored in the system which facilitates and stimulates reuse. In short, an efficient and intelligent machine which both benefits the colour production but certainly also the environment.


Environmentally friendly disposal

All waste generated during the production of Origin - luxury wallcoverings wallpapers is processed in an environmentally responsible manner.