Our story

Origin - luxury wallcoverings

Over the years, Origin - luxury wallcoverings has evolved into one of the leading names with regard to high quality wallcoverings for use in residential and professional environments. The wide range of refined wallcoverings offers excellent quality and includes designs varying from lush floral motifs to classic stripes and from minimalist, sophisticated patterns to bold graphic prints. Today, the Origin wallcoverings adorn the walls of many homes, hotels, restaurants and other project interiours in over 50 countries worldwide


Traditional 'boutique factory'

The Origin wallcoverings are designed in-house by our team of passionate designers and eco-friendly fabricated in our own traditional boutique factory with attention to detail and great craftsmanship. This results in exceptional wallcoverings that exude warmth, luxury and sophistication. 




Diverse printing techniques

Origin – luxury wallcoverings uses diverse innovative printing techniques in order to give each design a sumptuous and extraordinary appearance. The traditional surface print provides the wallpapers with a matt and natural look while the silk printed designs have the glossy look and feel of pure silk. Enriched with a tangible eco-texture the Origin products add style and allure to any interior design.



Professional applications

The wallcoverings from Origin - luxury wallcoverings meet high standards with regard to washability, light-fastness and fire retardancy. These properties ensure that the wallpapers are suitable for use in hotels, restaurants, offices and other high traffic areas.



For a visual impression of the company and the way the wallpapers from Origin - luxury wallcoverings are produced view the video below.


Making of Origin - luxury wallcoverings wallpaper