Luxury wallcoverings made on a traditional and sophisticated way

Origin - luxury wallcoverings cherishes its own production facility in the Netherlands. In this authentic 'boutique factory' wallcoverings are still produced according to the standards of traditional surface print. In this age-old method, large amounts of chalk paint are printed directly on the substrate. This provides the wallpaper a original, handcrafted, matt chalk-paint effect.




The quality and purity of this ancient traditional hand-painting technique has been preserved but the production process is mechanized. The exact composite colour paint is applied to an engraved printing roller which ensures that the carefully carved out wallpaper design is printed in a thick layer of colour on the substrate. The result, a pure and handcrafted wallpaper with a exceptional and rich appearance. View our collection surface printed wallcoverings.

Meanwhile, Origin - luxury wallcoverings has further developed its surface printing technique and is now also able to produce wallcoverings with a shiny, silky basis. View all silk-printed wallpapers.



More information about the production of Origin - luxury wallcoverings wallpaper? See the video below.


video about Origin luxury wallcoverings