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animal skin wallpaper animal skin wallpaper

Luxury Skins

Elegant leopards, colorful birds and shiny snakeskin patterns bring your walls to life in this wonderful selection of animal wallpaper designs. From emerald green and silver grey up to shiny gold and soft pink: discover the stylish prints in beautiful colors and create a stunning accent wall with animal wallpaper. 


animal skin wallpaper

About Origin - luxury wallcoverings


Timeless elegance

Sophisticated simplicity and timeless elegance are the hallmarks of the wallpaper brand Origin – luxury wallcoverings. Stylish and elegant designs are created by mixing traditional themes and motifs with contemporary trends. We use diverse innovative printing techniques in order to give each design a sumptuous and extraordinary appearance. The traditional surface print gives the wallpapers a beautiful matt and natural look, while the silk printed designs have the shiny look and feel of pure silk. Enriched with a tactile eco-texture the Origin wallcoverings add style and allure to any interior design.


Dutch design & pure craftmanship
All Origin luxury wallpapers are designed in-house by our dedicated team of designers. After that, the wallpapers are fabricated in our own boutique factory in the Netherlands with attention to detail and great craftsmanship. This results in exceptional wallcoverings that exude warmth, luxury and sophistication.


Innovative and eco-friendly printing techniques

We strongly believe in creating high-quality, innovative and eco-friendly products. The total manufacturing process meets the highest standards for ecologically responsible production: only paper from sustainable forestry and environmentally friendly solvent-free inks are used for the production of our wallpapers.