wallpaper palm leafs green 347437

you need 0 rolls
this calculation takes into account the pattern and 15 cm cutting loss per stroke
  • dimensions
    53 cm x 10,05 m
  • design repeat: 53 cm

    The print of this wallcovering repeats itself every XX centimeters.

    53 cm
  • verzet: straight match

    The connection of this pattern is straight. This means that the pattern should be matched on adjacent lengths without any longitudinal displacement. So the patterns of all wallpaper strips should be hung/arranged at the same height next to each other. Please note: in some cases you need more wallpaper when you use a wallpaper pattern with a straight match. Calculate the required number of wallpaper rolls with the wallpaper calculator displayed at the page of the product. The wallpaper calculator takes into account the straight match of the pattern when calculating the amount of rolls required.

    recht rapport
    straight match
    straight match
  • composition: surface printed on non-woven base

    Surface printing is the world's oldest form of automated printing. This technique uses high-pressure rollers and large volumes of ink which are printed directly on the paper. This allows the wallpaper to receive a natural and hand-painted effect. The matte and natural look of surface print is what makes this type of wallcovering so special.

    Due to the non-woven backing this wallcovering can be easily applied directly to the wall (which should be painted with paste/adhesive). 


    hanging instructions non-woven wallpaper

    calculate wallpaper

    surface printed on non-woven base
  • hanging instructions: paste the wall

    Paste the wall and place the wallpaper or paste as normal wallpaper

    more information

    paste the wall
  • very good resistance to light
    very good resistance to light
  • treatment: extra-washable

    Well removable: This wallcovering can be cleaned with a damp soft cloth (possibly with some mild soap, such as green soap.)

  • fire retardance: Euroklasse B, s1, d0 (EN13501-1)

    This wallcovering is fire resistant and meets the strictest requirements for fire retardancy.

    Euroklasse B, s1, d0 (EN13501-1)

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€74.95 per roll

Tropical non-woven wallpaper with graceful palm leaves, that is this contemporary wallcovering from Origin - luxury wallcoverings. The stylish palm leaf design easily creates an exotic atmosphere in every living space. It makes you feel like you are standing in the middle of the jungle or relaxing on a tropical island. This luxury palm leaf wallpaper has a natural, botanical appearance and can be easily applied in any type of interior design.

The tropical green hue gives the luxury wallpaper a bright, natural appearance and a sustainable character. Green is the colour of nature and gives an interior a botanical touch. Green comes in many different shades of mint green to turquoise to luxury emerald green. The traditional tropical green colour of this wallcovering enriches an interior with a bright, serene and comfortable atmosphere.

This wallpaper can be effectively used in all dry spaces of the residence. The living room, bedroom, hallway or workspace, this surface printed non-woven wallpaper transforms every room into an attractive whole. When there is no possibility that the wallcovering gets damp or wet it can even be applied in the kitchen or in the toilet. Through the application of chalk paint during manufacturing the wallpaper gets a natural matte appearance. The technical characteristics of this high-quality eco-texture surface printed non-woven wallpaper make the wallcovering especially appropriate for use in both residential and professional environments. The wallcovering meets the highest standards with regard to washability, light fastness and fire retardancy making it very suitable for use in for example in hotels, restaurants etc.

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